What is Klaritē Photography

Hi there! My name is Jayme Kelter and Klaritē Photography, pronounced clarity, is my passion project.  During high school, I was introduced to the basics of digital photography and photoshop. I was so enthralled with photographing the little details all around me that for the majority of high school and college I didn’t go anywhere without a camera in my cargo shorts pocket or on my back.

I studied photography at the University of Arizona and later returned to the school as a sports photography intern. Every one of my past jobs have been in the world of photography: Photo lab tech at Target, real estate photographer, dozens of roles at Jones Photo Inc. in Tucson, Arizona, product enablement, product photographer and all around photoshop guy for TinyPrints, Wedding Paper Divas, and Shutterfly. Photography is in my blood at this point.

Now I’ve decided that it’s time for me to share my personal photography with the world! All images on this site have been created by myself. The majority of the images have started as digital photographs in one sense or another, but the line is starting to blur in my work. Not everything is as it seems in these images.

It is my hope that these images break through the noise of your day and bring moments of beauty, serenity and intrigue when you see them on the walls of your home or business!


Why is Clarity Photography spelled so strangely?

The spelling that I chose for my business name mirrors my style of photography. |klar-i-tē| is one of the many phonetic spellings for clarity. It’s really a dissection of the word, bringing it down to the building blocks. In this form, the word is almost unrecognizable at first second and third glance. I often photograph in much the same way by breaking down the familiar and representing them in ways that pulls the viewer away from any expectation they may already have with the subject.

This photo is awesome, what is it!?

Let me answer this one with a few questions of my own. What do you think it is? Do you like the colors, textures, composition and quality of light? Does it intrigue you?  What value could be added by knowing exactly what object was before the lens of my camera? My abstract images are as much about my intentions during the creation of the image as they are about what you bring with you when you view them. On the other hand, be on the lookout for my Foundry images. You may feel like you know exactly what they are and won’t question the contents for a moment. These are the images where you should ask “what is it!?”

Jules L

I worked with Jayme on an offsite product photography project and he was great! Very professional and knowledgeable. We were finished in less time than we though and the turn around time on the final photos was great! Will definitely use his services again in the future!

Gabrielle M

Jayme is professional, knowledgeable, and the absolute best at what he does. We did a shoot at my studio and it was quick and easy and we got tons of beautiful pictures. He is great for business photography but he also has some amazing art shots. Thank you Jayme!

Nathan M

I was looking for a piece that felt captured the essence of the incredible Arizona landscape. Not only did Jayme capture that, but he was able to show on w me what it would look like in my space before I bought it. I love it and so do my customers!