What is an onsite consultation?

An onsite consultation is your way to be 100% sure you find the best piece of art for your wall. If you're not entirely sure what finish or size of print is ideal for your home or business and you live within the East Valley of the Phoenix Metro Area you can schedule an onsite consultation.

The consult includes Jayme, the artist, meeting you at your location to discuss the unique environment in which your art will be hung. Measurements of the space will be taken as well as an assessment of the available light in order to find the right fit. You will also be able to look through a catalog of images and view samples of the different print types.

Need a little more help envisioning the art in your space? For a fee of $100, Jayme will photograph the wall where you are considering hanging the print and create renderings so you can see different images and sizes of print on your wall before your custom order is made.

Additional walls can be captured and rendered for an additional $50 per wall. Once an order is placed, your rendering fee can be applied toward the purchase of your wall art resulting from the rendering.

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Jules L

I worked with Jayme on an offsite product photography project and he was great! Very professional and knowledgeable. We were finished in less time than we though and the turn around time on the final photos was great! Will definitely use his services again in the future!

Gabrielle M

Jayme is professional, knowledgeable, and the absolute best at what he does. We did a shoot at my studio and it was quick and easy and we got tons of beautiful pictures. He is great for business photography but he also has some amazing art shots. Thank you Jayme!

Nathan M

I was looking for a piece that felt captured the essence of the incredible Arizona landscape. Not only did Jayme capture that, but he was able to show on w me what it would look like in my space before I bought it. I love it and so do my customers!