Rotating Wall Art Rental

Do you operate a business which brings in multitudes of repeat business on a monthly or even weekly basis? If so, it may be a great opportunity to add a rotating collection of wall art to your lobby or waiting rooms. Print rental will allow you to provide a fresh experience to your client each time they visit.

Fine art print rental is a subscription service that delivers a new art piece to your business each month. The art collection consists of 20”x30” prints, both on the Acrylic Mounted and Brushed Aluminum finishes. Images spanning all of our galleries are included.

All prints will be delivered and hung at the beginning of each month, and the print from the previous month will be picked up at the same time. Our hanging system is universal between all prints no matter the substrate. Once the mounting bracket is attached to your wall, swapping out to the next month’s print can be done in seconds.

We are currently serving businesses in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. Please call 602.935.1160 or use the contact form to discuss the options for your business.

Unfortunately, the Wall Art Rental service is currently discontinued. Thank you for your interest in the matter.