Brushed Aluminum

Our brushed aluminum prints are a brilliant way to display rich coloring in a way that will allow it to pop off the wall. The base of the image is a triple layer composite made up of a poly core sandwiched between sheets of aluminum. UV cured inks are laid onto the surface and allow the texture and tones of the metal to show through lighter areas of the photograph. White portions of the image let the full tone of the brushed aluminum to show through displaying the art with exceptional depth. The composite itself is 0.125" thick. A 1" thick easy hang wall bracket is applied to the back making the print appear to float off of the wall.

Product Tips

  • This finish works best with bold art images as opposed to highly detailed images such as landscapes
  • Brushed Aluminum prints lend themselves to rooms with a lot of ambient light
  • Dedicated art lights will make these an exceptional statement piece in a dim room

Acrylic Mounted

Acrylic mounted prints start with high definition true chromographic papers. Choose between our standard HD paper or opt for an opalescent finish. The image is then face mounted to framer's grade .25" UV stabilized acrylic. 3mm Sintra is applied behind to print to ensure protection and rigidity. A 1" thick easy hang wall bracket is applied to the back making the print appear to float off of the wall.

Product Tips

  • This finish works well with any print, especially highly detailed images
  • Acrylic Mounted prints are more forgiving in lower light situations
  • Anti-reflective acrylic is available with a surcharge

Easy Hang Wall Bracket

Both the brushed aluminum prints and face mounted acrylic prints come with an attached float mount system. The system consists of two parts, a bracket which goes around the entire print 2" inside the edge of the print, and a wall mount bar. The two elements provide a stable and worry free hanging experience.


  • 10"x15"
  • 16"x24"
  • 20"x30"
  • 24"x36"
  • 30"x45"
  • 40"x60"
  • Brushed
  • $190
  • $420
  • $620
  • $860
  • $1290
  • $2190
  • Face Mounted
  • $270
  • $610
  • $910
  • $1270
  • $1930
  • $3340
  • Non Glare Face
    Mounted Acrylic
  • $300
  • $700
  • $1060
  • $1490
  • $2260
  • $3920

*tax not included

Please contact me for pricing of panoramic prints. Custom sizes and finishes are available.

Shawn E

Jayme did head shots for me and they are fantastic! They look very professional and he is a genius with a camera! Thank you Jayme!

Bill L

I had a headshot done by another company and hated it. I met Jayme and thought I’d give it another shot (literally) and couldn’t have been more pleased. His communication was better, his lighting, everything. I knew when I left that the shots were going to be great. Highly recommended!!!

Luke V

Jayme was very professional and helpful when he helped me with my head shots for my website. Showed me the best way to stand and received them at a timely fashion.