July 12, 2019

Photography to break through the noise

For years my slogan for Klarite Photography has been "photography to break through the noise."

But what does that even mean?

It's kind of hard to describe because it encompasses multiple facets. One of the main thing that I'm attempting to communicate is how I hope my work will be interacted with.

My images are not pretty snapshots of moments of my life or places I go. They're deeper than that. I do my best to find inspirational sights among the ordinary.

When you see my image I want you to feel a bit uncomfortable or uncertain. I want you to think and use your unique life experiences to interact with the photograph.

The subjects of my abstract photographs remain untold. It's not because I want to hold some secret knowledge above you, it's simply because the subject doesn't matter in the least.

If I capture an image of a grape I have no intention of showing you what a grape looks like. You've known that the entirety of your life. Yes, a camera is thought of simply as a tool for capturing the likeness of reality, but what's the point of capturing reality if it doesn't make you feel something?

Photography to break through the noise:

Light drawings to break through the mundane:

Images to challenge the ordinary:

My visions interacting with your reality:

Art to impact your life.

- Jayme
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