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Opuntia Auras
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The Foundry
Brushed Aluminum
composite, landscape, desert, silhouette, fun, whimsy, whimsical, vulture, opuntia, cactus, cacti, aloe, flower stalk
Shawn E

Jayme did head shots for me and they are fantastic! They look very professional and he is a genius with a camera! Thank you Jayme!

Bill L

I had a headshot done by another company and hated it. I met Jayme and thought I’d give it another shot (literally) and couldn’t have been more pleased. His communication was better, his lighting, everything. I knew when I left that the shots were going to be great. Highly recommended!!!

Luke V

Jayme was very professional and helpful when he helped me with my head shots for my website. Showed me the best way to stand and received them at a timely fashion.